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Take Back Your Email, Never Share It With Strangers Again.

GishPuppy was developed to help our members conveniently manage all their online registrations while still keeping their identity safe on the web.


Email Registration is a Fact of Life

Whatever you do on the web (i.e. buy online, download stuff, read the news, sign up for newsletters, post on bulletin boards, chats, etc.) it seems like you always have to register and leave your email address. Sometimes you don't mind because you trust the company (i.e. Amazon, eBay, etc.), and you believe that they will try to keep your personal information private. Other times, you are not sure. Plus, even the biggest companies make mistakes. What do you do?

If you don't actually need to receive emails or confirmations from the website, you can try BugMeNot. But sometimes you do need to create an account to receive a message or a service, for example:

  • order confirmations from an online purchases,
  • coupons, rebates or other promotional offers,
  • picture sharing services,
  • social networking or dating services,
  • online games or gaming,
  • newsletters, bulletin boards, discussion groups, or
  • domain name registrations. (This last one is guaranteed to get you SPAM.)
Now, instead of sharing your real email address, or even your "SPAM" email address, you can leave a disposable email address.


All About Disposable Email Addresses

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Disposable Email Addressing (DEA) is a better way to share your email address. The idea behind DEA is to create a new email address every time you register and have that address automatically forward messages to your inbox. Then you can easily "dispose" of that address when it is no longer needed -- without affecting anyone else.

GishPuppy Disposable Email Addresses are a better choice because they are the easiest to use. Now you can quickly leave a GishPuppy address without ever sharing your real email address with strangers again.


How It Works

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With GishPuppy, you can easily create a different GishPuppy email each time you register on the web. You can also cancel GishPuppy emails whenever you want, or set them to automatically expire after a certain amount of time. This is important because if that GishPuppy email "accidentally" gets in the hands of SPAMMERs, you can cancel it without affecting anyone else. Your private email is safe, and all your other web registrations are still available.

What if Paris Hilton had your email address on her SideKick?

We've all heard the story. Someone gets hacked and your private information gets into the wrong hands -- or on the Drudge Report. Countless calls and messages from random cranks follow, and eventually you get so fed up you have to change your info. Then you've got the hassle of telling everyone but Paris to update their address books.

But if you had used GishPuppy, you could just cancel the address you gave to Paris, and no one else would be the wiser. You get your 15 minutes of fame and a happy ending. End of story.


Protect Yourself From "Phishing"

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GishPuppy protects you from "Phishing" by letting you easily spot a message sent to the "wrong" address. For example, here is an email received from "eBay" that was clearly sent to an email address harvested from a post at Google Groups. [click here]

What is all this fuss about "Phishing"? [Wikipedia:Phishing]

"Phishing" is a relatively new and particularly evil scam on the web. The idea behind "Phishing" is to "fish" for personal information, passwords and credit card numbers. "Phishers" try to trick their unsuspecting victims into revealing this information by imitating a legitimate website like eBay, Amazon, an online bank, etc.

The scam involves sending what appears to be a legitimate email message from a respectable website, urging you to confirm your account information. The Phishers include a link in the email that looks real but which actually sends you to a counterfeit website that is a nearly perfect replica of the real one. From there they hope to secretly capture your account information, passwords, and even your credit card number as their grand prize.

Phishers typically target their victims by harvesting email addresses from spam lists, discussion groups, chat rooms, blogs, etc. You can protect yourself from Phishing by not clicking links from emails and by typing in the address of the website before your share personal information.


Receive Your Email Where You Want It

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Tired of checking too many different mailboxes for that message? Let's face it, most people have too many mailboxes: one for work, one for friends and family, and one for shopping and other commercial emails. The last one is the biggest pain in the a-- because 99% of it is just SPAM. If you are looking for that important email confirmation or notification, GishPuppy can deliver those messages to your real mailbox without ever sharing that address with strangers. Later, you can have that address forward messages to somewhere else.


Never Forget Which Email You Used Again

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Every forget what email you used to register for a site? Sometimes your email is your member name, and you can't login unless you can remember which email you used. When you click "Gish It!" from a sign-in page, GishPuppy does an automatic lookup in our email database so you can quickly remember which GishPuppy email you used to sign up and log in. Then just cut and paste the email to sign on. Total recall has never been easier, but sorry, you're on your own with passwords.


Manage Your Email Registrations

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GishPuppy lets your manage all your email registrations from one place. If you are an active user of the web, you'll be surprised at how often you register on the web. (Personally, I've got over 100 signups, myself.) Most of the time, these are one off registrations, but other times you discover that you have found something to be really useful. If you decide to change your email address (i.e. you get that new gMail invitation...) what do you do? With GishPuppy, you can easily review all your email registrations and selectively re-direct certain messages to go to that new address without having to update every registration individually.


Make Your Next Email Your Last One

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Hey, I use gMail, and it's great -- plus it is SPAM-free. This is the perfect time to use GishPuppy. Nobody but my friends know my real gMail address, and I intend to keep it that way. Hopefully, this will be the last time I change to a new email. Don't rely on SPAM-filters to eliminate the SPAM. The SPAMMERs are just too clever. Instead, just stop sharing your email with strangers. Use GishPuppy instead.

If you found any of these points to be convincing, then please sign up now!

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