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What is this?
Who is AiNET?
How do I add 'Gish It!' to my right-click browser menu.
Why do I need this?
What is GishPuppy's Privacy Policy?
How do I get started?
How do I cancel a forwarding email?
How do I keep up-to-date?

What is this?   Back to top
GishPuppy is a disposable email service. With GishPuppy, you can easily create a forwarding email address at GishPuppy.com that points to your personal email address. This way you can conveniently receive your messages in one place without ever sharing your personal email on the web.

The idea is to use a different Gish email every time you register on the web (e.g. online shopping, discussion groups, newsletters, chat rooms, etc.). That way you can independently manage the emails you receive from these sites. If they start sending you too many unwanted emails or if they don't live up to your privacy policy, then you can unilaterally cancel the forwarding email at any time.

Who is AiNET?   Back to top
Great news, GishPuppy is proud to announce a new hosting partner, AiNET (http://www.ai.net).

AiNET offers professional hosting services that will greatly upgrade the performance and reliability of the GishPuppy Disposable Email service.

How do I add 'Gish It!' to my right-click browser menu.   Back to top
Now you can add 'Gish It' to the right-click menu of your web browser.

Internet Explorer browsers, click here: and please disregard the security warning.

Firefox browsers, to download and install the extension for Firefox, click here: Note: you will have to follow the security prompt and allow "www.gishpuppy.com" to install extensions in Firefox.

Why do I need this?   Back to top
Mostly because you're either a) getting too much SPAM or b) checking for emails in too many places. Most people have a separate email address from a free email site that they use for registering on the web. The problem is that after awhile that "register" email starts to receive too much SPAM. Most likely, this is because one of the many sites you where you registered has sold your email to the SPAM-mers.

The problem is that you can't take back an email from just one site. If you cancel it, then you have to re-register at all the other sites that are using that email. GishPuppy solves this problem by allowing you to easily use a different register email for every site. That way you can easily cancel just one email address, completely independent of the offending site.

For more details, click here: [Tell Me More]

What is GishPuppy's Privacy Policy?   Back to top
As we are still in preview mode, we don't have an official privacy policy or a terms of service agreement yet. Instead, we will just have to trust each other to use this service responsibly. But just note that we're in the business of eliminating SPAM, so it's to our advantage to act responsibly.

How do I get started?   Back to top
First, you need to register.

After that, the most important thing to do is to drag the "Gish it!" link from the Welcome Page to your browser toolbar. The "Gish it!" link was designed to be clicked from other sites, not from GishPuppy. When you click the "Gish it!" link on your toolbar, GishPuppy receives additional information about where your are registering on the web. This info is used to automatically populate the "Site Name" and "Description" fields associated with your Gish-brand forwarding email address.

How do I cancel a forwarding email?   Back to top
Click on the [View My Settings] link from the Welcome page. You should see a list of all the Forwarding Emails you have created on GishPuppy. You can choose to individually expire (or extend) these emails by clicking on the fields provided. How do keep up to date?

How do I keep up-to-date? (Newsletter)   Back to top
Read the newsletter! To keep things simple, we've created both a GishPuppy blog and a GishPuppy group at YahooGroups. All posts to the Blog are copied to the group, so just join the group if you want to receive automatic updates. You can even have it sent to you via a new GishPuppy forwarding email!

You can also help build this site by sending your comments, questions, and suggestions to gishpuppy@yahoogroups.com And please tell a friend!

For more information on why you need disposable emails, please read Tell Me More.

For instructions on how to use GishPuppy, please read Help.



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