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How to use GishPuppy [FAQ]

Installing the "Gish It!" button
For maximum effectiness, we recommend that you install "Gish it!" as a right mouse-click menu item in your browser.

Get Firefox! GishPuppy recommends Firefox for browsing the web!

Internet Explorer browsers, click here: and please disregard the security warning.

Firefox browsers, to download and install the extension for Firefox, click here: Note: you will have to follow the security prompt and allow "www.gishpuppy.com" to install extensions in Firefox.

A second option is to create a bookmark/favorite. The easiest way to do so is to drag the "Gish it!" link into the 'Links' (a.k.a. 'Bookmarks') section of your browser toolbar.

If you don't see the 'Links' toolbar in IE6, this is probably because the toolbar is being hidden. In this case, 1) unhide the toolbar from the 'View->Toolbars' menu, and then 2) drag the "Gish it!" text link again.



You can also bookmark the "Gish it!" link by right-clicking and choosing 'Add to Favorites...' as shown below:

You can choose a Keyword to add a word to the beginning of your forwarding email address. Keywords make it easier to find and recognize messages sent to your forwarding address. If your email system supports filters, then you can also create a filter against that keyword and automatically move the forwarded messages to a specific folder.

Enter a description to help you remember where you registered this forwarding email. Descriptions are useful when you need to search for a specific GishPuppy forwarding email address. Once found, you can manage the settings for that address (e.g. to cancel or extend it, etc.)

By default, GishPuppy will enter the month/year (e.g. 12/03) and the title of the page you were on when you clicked "Gish it!" in the Description field. Feel free to add to or change it as necessary.

The Expiration field lists the current expiration date ( or expired) for the associated forwarding email address. Note that you can extend the expiration date or cancel a forwarding email entirely from the [view my settings] page. You might consider the latter if your begin to receive unwanted emails from a forwarding email address.

Site Name (Domain)
The Site Name (a.k.a. Domain) is usually the name of the site where you are registering the forwarding e-mail. It is used to identify any existing forwarding emails that you have already created so you can avoid duplicates. If a forwarding e-mail already exists, the "Gish it!" pop-up window will list the existing emails at the top of the page.

This latter feature is useful for sites which require you to use your E-Mail address as your sign-on name. In this case, you can just click "Gish it!" from the sign on page and to find the email with which you registered.

By default, the site name is the site of the page from where you clicked the "Gish it!" link.

Automatic Email Lookup (a.k.a. Search)
To quickly find an email you have already created,

  1. navigate to the website where you left the email, and
  2. click "Gish it!"
If the desired GishPuppy email address is not listed, then click the "Lookup an Email" button and a search box will appear.

Offline GishPuppy Email Address
Sometimes you need to give an email out when you don't have access to GishPuppy (i.e. in a bar, to enter a contest or giveaway, etc.) Now you can still do so without sharing your private email. Everybody gets an GishPuppy email based on their username (i.e. crazybob@gishpuppy.com). You can change the delivery options for that email address just like any other:

  1. from the "View My Settings" link
  2. from the "Lookup An Email" link
  3. or from the "[edit]" link. (In this case, the edit link can be found on the 'Using GishPuppy' tab of the Welcome page.)
Be careful how you use this email because if you give it out to multiple parties, you may have problems if you later have to cancel the email. For example:
You give the email to someone you met in a bar, and you also leave it on a contest entry form. Then you start to get unwanted SPAM messages because the contest provider sold your email to other. You can cancel the email, but you might want to tell the person at the bar what your new one will be.
Right now, you only get one offline email, but that may change in the future.

Send Email Replies From a GishPuppy Address
In many cases, you may need to reply to an email which was sent to a GishPuppy email address. In this situation, you can still hide your real email address by sending your email reply through a GishPuppy webmail form.

To do this, first find the GishPuppy email address which you want to reply "from" -- this will typically be the GishPuppy email address from the original email. You can select that address by clicking on the "edit" link at the bottom of the GishPuppy email, or by doing a GishPuppy "lookup".

Once you see the GishPuppy popup, click on the "Reply" link next to the email in question. Note that the email "from:" address is preset to your GishPuppy email address so the recipient can reply without knowing your real email address.

You will be sent to a simple webmail form where you can type or paste in the contents of your email message. You can enter multiple email recipients by separating them with a comma (","), and a copy of the email will automatically be sent to your GishPuppy email as well.

In order to prevent unauthorized SPAM email through our servers, we also require you to type in a random security code before we can send your email. Note that we also enforce a minimum delay between each email reply you send.

For more information on why you need disposable emails, please read Tell Me More.

If you have additional questions, please read the FAQ.



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