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You can help spread the word about GishPuppy, by doing these things:
  1. Send an email to tell a friend.
  2. Add a GishXpress button in your blog or on your registration page.


The GishXpress Affilitate Program
GishXpress allows web site owners to quickly and easily integrate the GishPuppy disposable email service directly into their own registration page. Give your members an additional level of control over their own privacy.

Forwarding emails created through GishXpress are always set to "never expire". But remember, your GishPuppy members always have the option to change that setting if they choose.

To integrate GishXpress with your registration page, just copy and paste this snippet of html where appropriate.

The end result should look and feel like the following:
Get a disposable email address on the spot with GishXpress. Only at GishPuppy.
If you have problems or questions, please drop me a line at gishpuppy.com.

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