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How GishPuppy Protects You from "Phishing"

The internet is a fantastic resource for information, but you must be careful how you use it.

Some time ago, I wanted to post a question to Google Groups to get some help on a technical issue. Following the safe email best practices promoted by GishPuppy, I first registered at Google Groups using a GishPuppy disposable email address before I posted my question. Subsequently, I experienced first hand some of the unsavory elements on the web.

The danger is that Spammers often crawl sites like Google Groups to harvest emails for their Spam lists. Sure enough, within days of my post, I began to receive Spam at the email address I used at Google Groups. And wherever Spam finds you, the "Phishers" are sure to follow.

This is an actual email I received after posting on Google Groups. As you can see, the email was allegedly from "eBay", but sent to an address that eBay does not even have. It is clearly a fake. With the help of GishPuppy, it was easy to spot this brazen attempt at "Phishing".

As a result, this GishPuppy address has been cancel and I get Spam no more. Case Closed.

-- Woof.

How to spot a fake email.


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